PHAP Board of Examiners

The authoritativeness of the Professional Development Program and PHAP Certificates depends largely on the cogency and relevance of its curricula and standardized exams. In this context, PHAP plans to establish in the course of 2011 an objective process of review and accreditation for both the curriculum components of its courses as well as the standard exams or requirements relevant to each certification level. As part of establishing this process, PHAP will create a Board of Examiners, which will be primarily responsible for:

  • Reviewing and accrediting all components of PHAP curricula on a rolling basis, based on the recommendations of exernal experts;
  • Reviewing and accrediting all standardized online and onsite exams, based on the recommendation of external experts;
  • Reviewing and discussing policy implications of participants’ evaluations, complaints, comments, and questions relating to the PHAP training and certification processes;
  • Advising on the development of new professional development tracks, as well as specific modules, sessions, or thematic workshops.

The Board of Examiners will be composed of six to eight professionals engaged in the humanitarian domain, including academic experts, with demonstrated experience and expertise in humanitarian assistance and protection. These professionals may or may not be members of PHAP. In addition, it will comprise one to three representatives of intergovernmental agencies or non-governmental agencies engaged in this field. Members are selected by the PHAP Board of Directors for a period of one year renewable.