Professionals engaged in humanitarian assistance and protection represent a unique source of experience and expertise in the elaboration of professional standards and methods of the humanitarian community. Yet, most of the policy initiatives and debates among humanitarian agencies have done little to mobilize inputs of practitioners, be it at the local, national or global levels. Policy discussions on the challenges to humanitarian action are often driven on the basis of narrowly-defined institutional agendas. Hence, PHAP strongly believes that a transversal dialogue among humanitarian professionals across agencies, cultures and regions could provide original contributions to address the challenges to humanitarian assistance and protection.

In this context, PHAP is developing a series of tools to facilitate and support a professional dialogue among its members in terms of online seminars, thematic workshops, and regional roundtable meetings culminating in the PHAP World Congress on Humanitarian Assistance and Protection, the first of which is planned for spring 2012. Throughout these activities, members are invited to take an active part in the analysis of current challenges and imagining practical solutions. PHAP’s role is focused on the facilitation of such dialogue and the discovery of new perspectives. While PHAP is an active proponent of informed discussion on the challenges to humanitarian action, it does not plan to take formal positions on any of these issues and will not therefore engage in advocacy activities. PHAP very much hopes that its members will benefit from these dialogue activities, enabling them to take more informed and strategic positions in current debates, and thereof contributing to the strengthening of humanitarian action.

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