Who we are

Vision and mission

PHAP is the individual-based professional association bringing together all parts of the humanitarian sector. With a shared vision that human life and dignity are safeguarded in the face of humanitarian crises, the association’s mission is to empower capable and informed professionals to transform humanitarian action.

A key means to this end is to focus on concrete, practical measures to enhance the availability, experiences, skills, competencies, professional networks, and both formal and informal support structures of humanitarian personnel at all levels and in all parts of the system.

Strategic framework

PHAP's current Strategic Framework was adopted by the General Assembly on 22 June 2016.

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Organizational Strategies

Develop: Professionals apply relevant knowledge and employ effective practices

Convene: New perspectives on critical issues are inspired by inclusive and objective discussion

Support: Well-equipped humanitarian practitioners effectively manage instability, strain, and risk

Resource Strategies

Member and stakeholder engagement: Expanded, diverse, and engaged network of members and other stakeholders

Fee-based activities and services: Widespread and sustainable access to excellent content

Grants and donations: Sufficient and predictable funding

Delivery strategies

Global online content delivery and communication: Robust technical and communication infrastructure

Live interactions: Frequent, high-quality on-site, online, and hybrid meetings and events

Foundations for impact

Individual engagement. As a professional association, an active and engaged professional community is the fundamental basis for PHAP’s development and its ability to successfully pursue its mission and objectives. PHAP engages individuals at all levels, following the best practices of professional associations in other sectors.

Organizational relationships. The ability of PHAP to enhance the capacity of the humanitarian sector also depends on its ability to develop and maintain relationships with agencies and NGOs active in the humanitarian community, as well as with donor and host governments and other stakeholders. PHAP develops and maintains organizational relationships at various levels to ensure the timely and effective design and implementation of its activities, tools, and services.

Getting involved

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