Part of the World Humanitarian Summit Eastern and Southern Africa regional consultation, the event looked at successful scale-up models for innovations in the region. Participants had the opportunity to engage with a panel of speakers featuring Oliver Delarue, Head of UNHCR Innovation; Helen Altshul of Adeso; and Rob Beyer, Villgro Innovation.

Event description

On 16 October 2014, PHAP hosted the second in a series of live online events leading up to the World Humanitarian Summit Eastern and Southern Africa regional consultation. On the lead up to the regional consultation event, which took place in Pretoria, South Africa, this live online event focused on on the theme of transformation through innovation: successful scale-up models. Speakers included Olivier Delarue, Head of UNHCR Innovation; Helen Altshul, Deputy Chief for the Resilience and Economic Growth in Arid Lands – Improving Resilience in Kenya (REGAL-IR) project at Adeso; and Rob Beyer, Villgro Innovation.

The World Humanitarian Summit, to take place in Istanbul in May 2016, is the first-ever humanitarian summit of this scale and scope. Its objective is to set a future agenda for humanitarian action to ensure improved responsiveness to the changing humanitarian landscape in terms of greater needs, more diverse actors, new technologies, and political and economic shifts.

PHAP members are encouraged to participate in the ongoing consultations to help improve how humanitarian action is carried out. Summit discussions are intended to reach outside of the groups that are normally consulted, in the hope that the outcomes of the process will be more relevant and have a firmer grounding in the humanitarian community.

Click here to access the Eastern & Southern Africa forum "no longer available". Your input and participation is vital to the consultative process leading up to the 2016 Summit, and will ultimately help to strengthen the humanitarian sector as a whole.


Olivier Delarue Olivier Delarue leads UNHCR Innovation, a multi-year effort seeking to foster and support creative problem-solving, experimentation, and new kinds of partnerships in responding to delivery and programmatic challenges faced in UNHCR field operations. Since November 2013, Olivier Delarue co-leads the UN Field Innovation Collaboration Network consisting of UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP, UNDP, OCHA, UNFPA, UNIDO, UN Women and Global Pulse. He previously led the development of the UNHCR International Corporate Partnerships portfolio expanding it from $750,000 to $35m of fund generated annually by corporate partners.
Helen Altshul Helen Altshul is currently Deputy Chief of Party for the USAID-funded Resilience and Economic Growth in Arid Lands – Improving Resilience in Kenya (REGAL-IR) project at Adeso. Shehas 20 years of international development experience, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, with her work covering a broad range of responsibilities, including: project, programme and strategic planning; proposal development and fundraising; partnership brokering and consortium management; capacity building of partner organisations; project implementation and research; and monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment; and staff development and team building. Helen has been based in Nairobi, Kenya since 2000, where she previously worked for Christian Aid and Farm Africa.
Rob Beyer Rob Beyer currently a consultant actively exploring the potential of, and planning for, the launch of Villgro Innovation into the Kenyan entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem, brings a unique combination of seasoned experience in business/social entrepreneurship, education and technology. Rob is a visionary leader who has lived in Kenya for the past 12 years and is fully aware of the unique challenges in building enterprises within the East African context. Prior to living in Kenya, Rob was an entrepreneur who began technology consulting company in Canada, specializing in implementing large scale IT infrastructure projects within the financial and pharmaceutical industries.


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