Under the theme of "The Power of Business in Emergencies" for the World Humanitarian Summit consultations, this online event explored private sector perspectives on how the business community can coordinate in support of emergency response and preparedness. The panel discussed best practice examples from the Philippines, the Asia-Pacific region, and around the globe.

Part of the World Humanitarian Summit consultations on “The Power of Business in Emergencies”, on 26 November we hosted an the online event that took place on the lead up to the Asia Regional Business Consultation in Bangkok, in 2 December 2014. The online event explored and captured private sector perspectives on how the business community can coordinate itself to engage more systematically in support of emergency preparedness and response, in complement to and in partnership with governments and humanitarian organizations. Key points from the online discussion were brought to the table at the Asia Regional Business Consultation in Bangkok, which was co-hosted by PDRF, ADP, and OCHA, and which supported the Summit consultative process.

The guest speakers discussed the importance of partnership across sectors to support preparedness, response, and recovery. They looked at various models and leading practices in the Philippines, in the Asia-Pacific region, and globally. The interactive discussion looked both at challenges and opportunities, and collected best practice and lessons from a wide audience.

Speakers included Stuart Reid, Trustee of The Partnering Initiative (TPI); Samantha Penabad, Strategy Consultant with Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP); and Rene “Butch” Meily, President of the Philippines Disaster Recovery Foundation (PRDF).


Samantha Penabad Samantha Penabad is a strategy consultant with Accenture Development Partnerships, a not-for-profit group within Accenture which provides business and technology services to the international development sector. She focuses on developing partnership opportunities between Accenture, donors, and International NGOs. Her experience working with both for-profit and nonprofit start-up enterprises, as well as government agencies, global NMCs and INGOs, brings Sam an understanding of the abilities both small and large organizations have to address systemic issues in innovative and collaborative ways.
Rene Rene "Butch" Meily is the President of the Philippines Disaster Recovery Foundation (PDRF), which is the major private sector vehicle and coordinator for disaster management in the Philippines. He currently serves as President of Pacific Global One, an aviation firm owned by Philippines Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) and of the Metro Pacific Group of companies, and has previously served as Adviser to the Philippines Ambassador to the United States; Vice President and Special Assistant to the Chairman PLDT; and President of the Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce; and Vice-President of Communications for TLC Beatrice International.
Stuart Reid Stuart Reid was a co-founder of The Partnering Initiative (TPI) and an active Associate and author for many years. He was a founding Director of the fully independent TPI in 2014 and now sits on the TPI Board as a Trustee. TPI is a non-profit organisation, based in London but operating globally, whose mission is to drive effective collaboration for a sustainable future.


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