Would you like to know more about how NRC works with UNHCR and how this partnership’s potential can be leveraged even further in the field? How could your country or regional office implement projects more efficiently with UNHCR assistance and funding?

On 22 February, the first of a series of interactive live sessions was organized for NRC staff worldwide in collaboration with PHAP’s Geneva Humanitarian Connector.

We heard from Fatima Sherif, Head of the Implementing Partnership Management Service at UNHCR, and Cecilia Roselli, Institutional Partnership Adviser at NRC. Carlo Gherardi from NRC Country Office in Jordan also shared his own experience working with UNHCR and highlighted the main challenges they have faced when implementing the partnership in an operational environment.

The event provided an opportunity to learn both directly from this partner organization and from the experiences of NRC colleagues working in HQ and other locations. Each presentation was followed by an opportunity to ask questions to the speakers encouraging all participants to actively engage.

Guest experts

Silvia Chiarucci Silvia Chiarucci Programme Specialist, Field Results Group, UNICEF New York
Alberto Rampazzo Alberto Rampazzo Institutional Partnership Advisor, NRC Geneva


Angharad Laing Angharad Laing Executive Director, PHAP

Recordings and follow-up

Follow-up questions

While many of the questions from participants were answered during the event (listen to these in the event recordings below), we did not have time to ask all questions, and Silvia Chiarucci has answered all follow-up questions in writing, which you can now read on this document.

Session recording (YouTube - faster loading time)

Session recording (Abobe Connect - higher quality)

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Geneva Humanitarian Connector

This event was made possible through the Geneva Humanitarian Connector, an initiative of PHAP supported by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

Target audience and event access

All NRC staff in country and regional offices that are currently working or would be interested in working with UNICEF.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding of the different modalities to formalize partnerships with UNICEF
  • Familiarity with best practices and tools for collaboration between UNICEF and NRC, from both organizations' perspectives
  • Understanding of the main operational challenges to establishing and implementing partnerships between UNICEF and NRC in the field

Partnering with UNICEF

Partnering with UNICEF
On 13 July, NRC together with PHAP organized a session on this topic as part of a series of interactive learning sessions on partnership frameworks organized for NRC staff worldwide.
7/13/2017 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
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