With the United Nations Secretary-General calling the assault “the worst attack on U.N. peacekeepers in the organization’s recent history” and “a war crime,” the incident in North Kivu in December 2017, which killed 15 peacekeepers and injured more than 50, has renewed the debate over the status of UN Peacekeepers under IHL.

On 27 March, this webinar discussed the legal and policy challenges related to the UN peacekeepers operating in situations of on-going armed conflict, and whether and when they can be considered a party to the conflict.


Keiichiro Okimoto Keiichiro Okimoto Legal Officer, Office of the Legal Counsel, Office of Legal Affairs, United Nations Secretariat
Marten Zwanenburg Marten Zwanenburg Legal Counsel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands


Angharad Laing Angharad Laing Executive Director, PHAP
Théo Boutruche Théo Boutruche Humanitarian Law and Policy Course Director, PHAP

Target audience

The event targets legal practitioners as well as humanitarian practitioners in the PHAP membership seeking a more advanced understanding of laws and policies related to or affecting humanitarian assistance and protection in armed conflict. The event is also open to the public.

PHAP Credentialing Program

PHAP Credentialing Program

Understanding the Humanitarian Ecosystem

The event will address some aspects of segments 3.4 and 3.5 of the certification assessment outline.

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Recordings and follow-up

Session recording (YouTube - faster loading time)

Session recording (Adobe Connect - higher quality)

Please note that the Adobe Connect recording does not include the event introduction. For a full version of the event, please refer to the above YouTube recording.

Session recording (audio podcast)