Webinar: Operationalizing standards: Sphere and the COVID-19 response in camp settings

Banner for the webinar Operationalizing standards: Sphere and the COVID-19 response in camp settings

As the novel coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, continues to spread globally, the risk it presents to populations living in camps and camp-like settings is growing. Camp managers are working quickly to adjust their programs to accommodate social distancing while continuing to communicate with communities and working with partners to improve communal sanitation. 

Sphere recently released guidance for how the Sphere Handbook can help guide humanitarian staff in the response to the COVID-19 outbreak. But how should camp managers apply those standards and strengthen the prevention measures recommended by technical sectors? 

During our webinar on 2 April, organized by the CCCM Cluster and PHAP, we learned about COVID-19 prevention measures critical to the work of Camp Managers and others working in displacement settings. We heard from WASH specialists, as well as experienced Camp program staff who have recently been involved in setting up special measures to prevent the spread of disease and develop key messages for populations living in temporary settlements. A representative from Sphere also provided guidance for how the Sphere Handbook can be a useful tool for practitioners in this situation.

This webinar is the first in a series of webinars and discussions to be organized by the CCCM Cluster on COVID-19, focusing on how to manage CCCM services during emergencies. For more information, please visit the CCCM Cluster page on COVID-19.

Target audience and event access

This event is targeted to both Camp Management specialists and generalist humanitarian practitioners.

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Resources recommended in the webinar

The following resources were recommended by speakers and participants during the webinar:

Guidance note for Sphere standards and the COVID-19 response:

CCCM Cluster page on COVID-19: 

Weekly bulletin on COVID19 from Internews for newsrooms, fact-checking organisations, non-profits, etc.:

Frequently Asked Questions related to camp management and COVID-19: 

Summary of WHO guidance on water, sanitation and health care waste relevant for viruses, including the novel coronavirus:

Blog post providing guidance on communication strategies for COVID-19 in countries with lower literacy levels:

Webinar recording on shielding high-risk populations against COVID-19:

Advice from WHO on the use of masks:

Guidance on how to track and work with rumors:

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Kit Dyer Kit Dyer WASH Adviser, Norwegian Church Aid
Judith Harvie Judith Harvie Health Chapter Author, Sphere Handbook 2018 edition
Dher Hayo Dher Hayo Senior Durable Solutions Coordinator, UNHCR
Sybilla Kitsios Sybilla Kitsios Camp Manager for the Salamiyah camp in Iraq, ACTED
Virginia M. Moncrieff Virginia M. Moncrieff Crisis Response Program Manager (acting), Translators Without Borders (TWB)
Aninia Nadig Aninia Nadig Policy and Practice Manager, Sphere
Richard Okello Richard Okello CCCM Cluster Coordinator, South Sudan
Manuel Pereira Manuel Pereira Deputy Chief of Mission in Bangladesh, IOM
Antonio Torres Antonio Torres Global Wash Coordinator, IOM

Further speakers to be announced


Angharad Laing Angharad Laing Executive Director, PHAP