Webinar Creating Inclusive Cities: Everyone can make a difference

Banner for the webinar The role of cities in the inclusion of refugees
More than 61 per cent of the world’s refugees and 80 per cent of internally displaced people live in urban areas. The role of towns, cities, counties and provinces in creating inclusive communities and promoting hope has never been as important. They offer safety and shelter and can enable access to local services, education and job opportunities.

The Global Compact on Refugees aims to implement a more holistic approach in responding to refugee displacement and recognizes the important role that local authorities play as first responders to large-scale refugee situations.

Intercultural Cities (ICC) is a Council of Europe policy development and implementation programme that supports local authorities around the World in comprehensive approaches that are inclusive of migrants and refugees. On 18 June, 2020, two days before World Refugee Day, we heard how cities in Europe are making their cities spaces where everyone can live in safety, become self-reliant, and contribute to and participate in their local community.

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Ivana d'Alessandro Ivana d'Alessandro Head of the Intercultural Cities Unit, Council of Europe
Katrine Berg Nødtvedt Katrine Berg Nødtvedt Deputy Mayor of Culture, Diversity and Equality, City of Bergen, Norway
Yannis Lykogiorgos Yannis Lykogiorgos Deputy Mayor of e-Governance and Smart City Applications, City of Ioannina, Greece
Nader Turkmani Nader Turkmani Consultant, Skeiv Verden Vest (Queer World), Bergen, Norway
Karolis Zibas Karolis Zibas Integration Officer,  UNHCR


Şafak Pavey Şafak Pavey Senior Adviser, UNHCR