Event series on strengthening accountability and inclusion: Accountability and inclusion in the COVID-19 response: Lessons for the future

The COVID-19 response, like any other public health emergency, has required a focus on communication around associated risks and the promotion of healthy behaviors. However, in humanitarian settings, accountability and inclusion principles have been central to shaping this response. This webinar will explore lessons around Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) from the COVID-19 response and decades of practical experiences around accountability in the humanitarian sector and how they can inform future health and non-health emergencies.

About the event series on accountability and inclusion

Progress has been made, but the humanitarian system – as a whole – is not accountable to the communities it serves. To help practitioners understand the current state of accountability to affected populations (AAP) and how they can be part of strengthening accountability and inclusion, PHAP is organizing a series of events together with the IASC Results Group on Accountability & Inclusion. Join us for four webinars touching on different aspects of accountability and inclusion, bringing together global and local perspectives:

  1. Implementing collective accountability to affected populations
  2. Navigating guidance on accountability and inclusion
  3. AAP in the COVID-19 response
  4. Complaints and feedback mechanisms

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Recommended resources

The following resources were recommended by speakers and participants during the event:

Social media and messaging apps

Media and information and LGBTQ+

Digital inclusion and people with disabilities

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Frances Amulen CEA Focal Person, Uganda Red Cross Society
Emily Dwyer Co-Director, Edge Effect
Amaya Gillespie RCCE COVID-19 Coordinator, MENA Region
Franklin Moliba-Sese AAP Collective Service Coordinator in CAR
John Warnes Innovation Officer (Digital Inclusion), UNHCR Innovation


Manisha Thomas

Event polls

During the event, we also asked participants to share their overall view of community engagement in the COVID-19 response. You can find the final results below.