The Climate Charter – A Practical Guide Session 2: Maximising the environmental sustainability of our work

Commitment 2 of the Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organizations, in line with the principle of “Do No Harm,” calls on us to “avoid, minimize and manage the damage we cause to the environment and the climate, while maintaining our ability to provide timely and principled humanitarian assistance”.

More and more, organisations are looking into how to implement sound environmental policies and start systematically assessing the immediate and long-term environmental impact of our work in the humanitarian sector. This entails that we systematically evaluate, avoid and mitigate the negative environmental impacts of our programs as much as possible, and use our influence to push for more environmentally sustainable humanitarian action, notably when it comes to supply chains and logistics.

This webinar will aim to share an overview and initial lessons learned on some of the following questions:   

  • How can organisations develop and implement more environment friendly policies?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities to do so?
  • How can NGOs reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and responsibly use and help manage natural resources? What are some of the challenges in undertaking such a shift in our work?
  • What are some of the requirements and standards being put in place by donors? What support will be available from donors?


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Karolina Kalinowska Policy Officer, Lead on Environment and Humanitarian Aid, DG ECHO, European Commission
André Krummacher Vice CEO Programmes, Impact and Accountability, ACTED
Kathrine Vad Environment and Climate Change Adviser, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)


Nishanie Jayamaha Learning, Program and Climate Change Coordinator, ICVA
Manisha Thomas Senior Policy Advisor, PHAP

Event polls

During the event, participants also provided their views in a number of polls. You can find the results of these below.