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All In Diary: Launching the sixth edition

Join us for the launch of All In Diary sixth edition, a practitioner-oriented resource for essential and succinct guidance in humanitarian action.

For the past 12 years, the All In Diary has been providing humanitarian practitioners with essential, up-to-date, and succinct guidance for humanitarian workers in a convenient format. Following a revision process carried out on a voluntary basis by practitioners from across the sector over the past year, the sixth edition of the AID is now available. Join us for an event on 22 August to learn more about this practical resource from its co-founders, as well as from practitioners who are using it and have been contributing to help ensure that the latest edition reflects recent developments in the sector. 

This event features the co-founders of All In Diary, Linda Richardson and Gill Price who will discuss the background and how AID was developed as well as overview of the revision. Some practitioners using AID will also be giving their reviews in using it namely Tina Bolding and Shahid Mahmood.

If you have not done so already, you can access a free download of the sixth edition for personal use or purchase a printed copy at

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