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Localization: Perspectives on change – Recording available now

Recording of the first session in ICVA's and PHAP's learning stream on the navigating change now available, focusing on localization in the humanitarian sector.

On 8 November, ICVA and PHAP organized the first session in the learning stream on “Navigating change.” This event provided an overview of the concept of localization in the humanitarian sector, how it has evolved, and how it is currently used. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about how governments, private donorsthe business community, and diaspora actors see current opportunities, trends, and challenges in this area.

The event started with Jeremy Wellard from ICVA, who gave a brief overview of the definition and concept of localization. The first guest speaker, Dr. Rahmawati Husein from the Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), provided an overview of how localization is seen from a government perspective and also gave specific examples from the recent Indonesian earthquake response. This was followed by Firzan Hashim from the Asia-Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (APAD) in Sri Lanka, who discussed how his organization’s work relates to the localization agenda and Rabiah Nasir-Habeeb from the Foundation for Refugee Economic Empowerment (F.R.E.E), who provided an example of the role of the diaspora in empowering and engaging with local actors.

If you missed the event, you can now find the audio and video recordings of the presentations and Q&A session at

Learning stream on Navigating Change
As part of the learning stream on “Navigating Change,” this event will be the first session of six live interactive online learning events that ICVA and PHAP will be organizing in the coming months. The purpose of these sessions is to provide a platform for the NGO community to better understand changes affecting the humanitarian sector.

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