PHAP partners with the Global Protection Cluster for strategic review consultations

Opportunity for practitioners to provide their views on critical issues facing protection in three consultation webinars – first webinar on 22 October.

The Global Protection Cluster (GPC) is developing a new Strategic Framework for 2020-2024. Extensive consultations are continuing to take place with academics, AoRs, community members, donors, experts, NGOs and other Clusters. The GPC is also trying to revitalize its structures to react better to the needs of the field and speak more forcefully for change around protection. The new GPC Strategic Framework is expected to reflect the evolution of the humanitarian response system highlighted by the work on the Centrality of Protection and the IASC Protection Policy and the need to adapt working methods to take account of changes to the UN coordination system announced by the Secretary-General in 2018; nexus discussions; climate response and new approaches to solutions.

We are happy to announce that the GPC is now partnering with the International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP) to carry out online consultations with stakeholders globally to help shape and refine the strategy. The online consultations will consist of three webinars, bringing together experts for discussions on some of the issues that have come up in the face-to-face consultations. Each of the webinars is preceded by a targeted survey to help bring in perspectives from practitioners from across the sector to inform the discussions. The preliminary survey results will be presented during the webinar and help inform the discussions and will serve as a critical input into the GPC strategic review discussions.


Webinar 1 (22 October 2019): The future of protection in the nexus: The role of the Global Protection Cluster and humanitarian protection in the humanitarian-development-peace-security nexus

The future of protection in the nexus

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Webinar 2 (19 November 2019): Climate, preparedness, and community-based protection

Climate, preparedness, and community-based protection

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Webinar 3 (26 November 2019): Emerging challenges for humanitarian protection

Emerging challenges for humanitarian protection

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