Bioforce and PHAP launches survey on "professions" in humanitarian action

Provide your input to help determine the current state of the humanitarian "professions"

Humanitarian professionals are facing substantial challenges in a rapidly changing world. Longer, more complex crises are testing our ability to adapt. The drive towards localization requires us to redefine working relationships, whilst emerging technologies and programming approaches demand new skill sets. Political changes and scandals have put the professionalism of humanitarian actors in the spotlight.

Bioforce has partnered with PHAP for the State of the Humanitarian Professions study, that aims to provide a snapshot of humanitarian profession areas today, providing practical and relevant information for humanitarian actors and organizations. The study will highlight the characteristics and changing nature of established and emerging professions and what that means for individual humanitarian professionals. At the core of the study is an online survey, targeted to those working in humanitarian response.

As a humanitarian worker or volunteer, your input to the study is vital.

The deadline for the survey is Sunday, 17 November 2019.


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