Bangkok Workshop on Engagement of Non-State Armed Groups for Humanitarian Protection

PHAP and Geneva Call collaborate again for the Bangkok 2020 Thematic Workshop on Engaging Non-State Armed Groups for Humanitarian Protection from 20 to 24 January 2020. 

The prevalence of armed conflicts involving armed non-State actors carries essential legal, policy, and operational implications for humanitarian professionals. With the increased complexity of armed conflicts, non-State armed groups (NSAGs) can take on destructive and protective roles during such challenging situations. It is thus imperative to identify how these groups can be approached and engaged when appropriate for protection in humanitarian settings. What is the basis for humanitarian engagement with NSAGs? What are the obligations of NSAGs under international law, particularly international humanitarian law and international human rights law?

PHAP in partnership with Geneva Call has organized a two-day thematic workshop that aims at strengthening participants’ capacity to use international law to engage with non-State armed actors when appropriate in those challenging contexts. The workshop will offer an analysis of frameworks and methods for engagement with non-State actors on specific issues such as negotiating humanitarian access; developing humanitarian protection strategies; and promoting their respect of international norms in conflict situations.

This workshop follows directly after the Bangkok 2020 Core Professional Training on Humanitarian Law and Policy, from 20-22 January 2020.

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