Consultation reports from the PHAP and GPC webinar series now available

Following the three PHAP and Global Protection Cluster (GPC) webinars, the consultation reports are now publicly available.

Last year, PHAP together with the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) organized a series of webinars as part of online consultations to assist in refining GPCs new Strategic Framework for 2020-2024. These webinars gathered participants from the humanitarian sector and related areas around the world, who provided their views on three critical aspects of the role of the future role of GPC. Following this series, the post consultation reports are now publicly available for each event. 

The first webinar in the PHAP and GPC series assessed the future of humanitarian protection in the humanitarian-development-peace-security nexus, discussing how humanitarian protection fits into the vision and concrete plans for humanitarian action as the interaction, cooperation, and coordination with other areas is set to increase in the coming decade. 

This was followed by the second consultation webinar on Climate preparedness and community-based protection, which explored how protection concerns can be better included in preparedness work and slow-onset disasters to avoid protection gaps and include marginalized communities. 

To complete the PHAP and GPC webinar series, the third consultation online session covered the future role of the GPC for coordination and collaboration for humanitarian protection, which focused on current gaps in protection coordination and how the GPC can best respond to this. 

All three webinars were preceded by brief surveys on challenges and opportunities related to the webinar topics, in which practitioners provided their input and views to inform the webinar discussions as well as the GPC Strategic Framework. 

Each post-event consultation report includes two main components:
An overview of the results to the first survey section, dealing with overarching questions regarding the purpose and scope of the standards.
The results of the second survey section, which was an opportunity for respondents to provide input directly on the draft standards.

Each report also includes a transcript of the webinar and the follow-up Q&A with the speakers. The reports and comments from respondents and participants were then used by the GPC to finalize its Strategic Framework for 2020-2024.

Download the full consultation reports in this series and if you missed the events, you can also find video recordings and an audio podcast version on each event page following the links below.

Webinar One: The Future of Protection in the Nexus

Access video and audio recordings


Download full consultation report

Webinar Two: Climate Preparedness and Community-based Protection

Access video and audio recordings


Download full consultation report

Webinar Three: The Future of the GPC in the Coordination and Collaboration for Humanitarian Protection

Access video and audio recordings