PHAP and the Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response webinar on the Grand Bargain

On 26 March, join us for a webinar organized together with the Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response (SCHR) as we take stock of the progress to date on workstream six of the Grand Bargain and how humanitarian organizations and donors have committed to utilizing the objectives of the Grand Bargain to create a “Participation Revolution.”

This live session will provide those who attend the opportunity to hear from experts who will share success stories from the field that can help agencies achieve a sustained change in how they design and deliver their programs.

The main goal of the Grand Bargain is to get more means into the hands of people in need and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of humanitarian action through a series of changes in the working practices of humanitarian organizations and donor agencies. Through this, it aims at including the people and communities affected by humanitarian crises and ensuring greater transparency in the work being carried out in the field. But how are organizations ensuring that the voices of the most vulnerable groups considering gender, age, ethnicity, language, and special needs are heard and acted upon? How are they designing program activities and budgets to support the changes that affected people demand?

Be sure to join us for this live webinar to learn the answers to these questions and to hear examples of inclusive action for a “Participation Revolution.”

The webinar is free to attend.

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