PHAP and ICVA webinar on Security risk management and duty of care during COVID-19

How do we enable Security Risk Management (SRM) and duty of care during the current COVID-19 crisis?

On 3 June, PHAP together with International Council for Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) will organize a webinar aimed at exploring the current state of risk management in the humanitarian sector. Security Risk Management (SRM) in the humanitarian sector has increasingly gained the attention of policy makers and practitioners, the current COVID-19 crisis highlights challenges in how to apply risk management, including in terms of duty of care. Delivering humanitarian aid under COVID-19 restrictions has also underlined the critical role of local actors and the importance to discuss risk transfer and risk sharing between international, national, and local humanitarian actors. 

This webinar will highlight the key findings from a new briefing paper from ICVA and researchers from the Graduate Institute on security risk management in humanitarian organizations and frame them around the challenges that the current COVID-19 crisis presents to the humanitarian sector. Participants will also have the opportunity to hear from practitioners and experts about the current SRM challenges and solutions in their organisations, including risk transfer, risk sharing, and challenges related to duty of care.

This is the first webinar in the new PHAP and ICVA Learning Stream on Risk Management in Practice.

Attendance is free for this webinar.

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