A contingent of European journalists listen to a local liaison officer working with Relief Hope Recovery (GOA) at Rhino refugee settlement, West Nile region of Uganda

Upcoming Webinar on Coordinating Access for Humanitarian Protection

Join us for the final session in the PHAP, NRC & GPC webinar Series on Access and Protection

On 25 June, PHAP is back with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and the Global Protection Cluster (GPC) for the fourth session of the webinar series on access and protection, which will focus on issues related to coordinated negotiations and approaches to access – including the use of armed escorts, civil-military coordination, and coordination with peacekeeping missions – and how these relate to protection

As humanitarian actors are interdependent, with the actions of one affecting all other actors in a response context, they often face situations where there are coordination challenges related to access and protection.  Participants will have the opportunity to hear from a panel of experts as they discuss some of these challenges that practitioners face, ranging from ‘risking access to affected community due poor behaviour of staff of partner agency’ to ‘facing poor security situations that requires armed escorts’. 

Registrants are encouraged to share examples of these types of situations in advance in order to ensure that the discussions are as relevant as possible to their work. 

This event is free to attend!

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