Photo:Eric Sales/Asian Development Bank

PHAP and NRC webinar on implications of COVID-19 for crisis financing

NRC has just launched a study looking at the lessons that can be drawn from the current COVID-19 situation for crisis financing – join us on 15 September for a webinar discussing the outcomes of this study.

On 15 September, PHAP together with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) will organize a launch event to introduce a “think piece” study looking at what can be learned from the current situation – even though the pandemic and our response to it are still in an early stage. To launch this study and to help stimulate reflection and debate on the future of humanitarian financing, the webinar will first present the main findings and recommendations emerging from the study. This will set the stage for a panel discussion on the role and fitness of the existing humanitarian financing structure and on how the recommendations from the study might be aligned with pre-existing donor commitments.

All humanitarian practitioners are welcome to attend the webinar, in particular those working in management and coordination of organizations, as well as those working on crisis financing, including development financing institutions.

This event is free to attend.

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