Upcoming webinar on ‘The impact of bank de-risking on humanitarian action’

How can bank de-risking impact the ability of NGOs to work in humanitarian contexts? Find out during the third session of the PHAP and ICVA Learning Stream on Risk Management in Practice.

On 22 October join International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) and PHAP for the third session of the Learning Stream on Risk Management in Practice, which will be focusing on the bank de-risking and its impact on humanitarian action. Following an introductory briefing, we will discuss with a panel of experts the practical challenges faced by humanitarian NGOs and how to approach this issue from a risk management perspective. They will provide participants with a common understanding of how bank de-risking is impacting the ability of NGOs to work in humanitarian contexts.

An opaque banking system which has limited accountability to humanitarian organisations and their principles leave little to be done for individual organisations in term of appealing or objecting to what sometimes seem like arbitrary decisions. Bank de-risking is lacking research and advocacy since most organisations avoid discussing how it affects them. This is why humanitarian organisations need to step up both the management of this risk and common advocacy towards both donors and financial regulators.

This session follows the first two webinars in this learning series which explored security risk management and duty of care during COVID-19 and balancing risk appetite and risk tolerance in humanitarian operations

This webinar is free to attend. 

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