Recording now available for the fifth session in the Learning Stream on Risk Management in Practice  

Access recordings of the 10 June ICVA and PHAP webinar on Risk Management and Funding Partnerships 

On June 10, we organized the fifth session of the ICVA and PHAP Learning Stream on Risk Management in Practice, in which we explored the role of risk management in funding partnerships as NGOs engage with external funders. The topics that we have covered so far in the risk management series have primarily focused on internal decision making and the role of risk management. In this session, we extended this beyond the internal workings of humanitarian organizations to their external funding relationships. 

As with our other webinars in the series, we were joined by a panel of experts representing both NGO and other perspectives, followed by a live discussion with participants. Robert Hurt, Head of the Implementation Management and Assurance Service at UNHCR started out by explaining the UNHCR framework for implementing with partners, which focuses on working together, in partnership, to improve quality through simplified, efficient, and transparent processes through the strengthening of internal controls to address risk. Tobias Nyondo, Global Director for Grants & Programme Finance at World Vision International, encouraged NGOs to define from the outset what kind of donors they should have when establishing their optimal funding mix, while asserting that INGOs need to form relational partnerships. Participants also had the chance to hear from the perspective of local partner organizations from Muhammad Amad, the Executive Director of IDEA Pakistan and Chairperson of the National Humanitarian Network (NHN-Pakistan). He u underlined in particular the increased risk that local partners face in acute humanitarian situations and in dealing with multiple partners and varying reporting systems. 

This event also inspired very rich contributions from the participants in the session. We asked participants to provide their views on the greatest challenges facing local NGOs regarding funding partnerships and risk management. You can read their responses on the event page and continue the discussion further on the PHAP Community.

This was the fifth webinar of the Learning Stream on Risk Management in Practice. This session follows the first four webinars in this learning series which explored ‘organizational culture, leadership and staff well-being’; ‘the impact of bank de-risking on humanitarian action’ ; ‘security risk management and duty of care during COVID-19’ and ‘balancing risk appetite and risk tolerance in humanitarian operations’.

If you missed this event, you can now access the video and audio podcast format version of the event recordings on the event page

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