Final session of Strengthening Accountability and Inclusion Event Series  

Join PHAP and the IASC Results Group on Accountability & Inclusion for an upcoming event on making much-needed changes to complaints and feedback mechanisms 

On 7 December, join PHAP and the IASC Results Group on Accountability & Inclusion for the fourth and final session in the event series on accountability and inclusion. It has long been recognized that affected people must play an active role in decisions that affect their lives. Yet recent evaluations show that this is an area where the humanitarian sector is still lagging behind. There are few examples of systems that systematically capture the views and feedback from affected people, ensure they inform decision-making, and close the “feedback loop.” Many are not handling reports of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment appropriately, risking dangerous breaches of confidentiality. This webinar will be looking at some of the existing good practices, and at plans to scale them up and strengthen complaints and feedback mechanisms.

This webinar follows the first three events in the series which explored making collective accountability to affected populations a reality; navigating guidance on accountability and inclusion;  and accountability and inclusion in the COVID-19 response

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