Photo: Patrick Sheperd/CIFOR

Webinar on Commitment #4 of the Climate and Environment Charter 

Join ICVA and PHAP for the fifth session on Learning Stream on Climate Change and Humanitarian Action

On 28 April, PHAP together with ICVA will organize session 5 of the Learning Stream on Climate Change and Humanitarian Action that will look at Commitment #4 of the Climate and Environment Charter. Commitment #4  encourages organisations to better understand climate and environmental risks to calibrate responses adequately. Meteorological data and local and indigenous knowledge about patterns of variability should be used to provide risk analyses that are comprehensive, reliable, and relevant. In many places where humanitarian organizations work, relevant data can be scarce or unreliable, and collaboration across the humanitarian sector and beyond to address existing and emergent data gaps is critical.

This webinar will provide insights on:   

  • How to gather and analyse data and translate them into programming
  • How to share data given that larger and smaller organisations have different capacity and access to it
  • The benefit of sharing data from meteorological, agriculture, private sector and governmental sources to inform both humanitarian and developmental programmes.

As part of ICVA's and PHAP's Learning Stream on Climate Change and Humanitarian Action, this event follows the launch event of the series that introduced the Charter, the first session of the webinar that examined adapting to the impacts of the climate and environmental crises, the second session on maximizing the environmental sustainability of humanitarian work, the third session on practical tools and initiatives for reducing environmental impact in humanitarian action and the fourth session on embracing the leadership of local actors and communities in climate action.

This webinar is free to attend and if you missed the previous webinars in the series, you could access the recording on the event page.

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