Decision making


Humanitarian worker in Uganda giving directions

Photo: EU/ECHO/Edward Echwalu

Key actors

Global network dedicated to improving the performance of humanitarian action through research, including in the area of operational humanitarian decision-making, leadership, and coordination

Specialized in humanitarian needs analysis and assessment, the analysis of global crisis data, and evidence-based decision-making

Learning center organized by Save the Children and Deakin University aiming to improve leadership in the humanitarian system through collaborative research and education

Promoting and supporting evidence-based decision making in humanitarian action

Key references

Briefing paper on decision-making by groups, the process by which decisions should be made and implementation assured, and the organizational structures for successful decision-making process

Paper on how assessments and other sources of information and analysis are used by humanitarian decision makers

An overview of the context in which humanitarian leaders are asked to make decisions, the various decision-making approaches and their effectiveness

Practical guide to support decision-makers to make the best use of evidence when planning for, or in the midst of a humanitarian emergency

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