Strategic planning

Strategic planning is an organizational activity that sets multi-year priorities and operational objectives, decides upon the levels and allocation of key resources, and ensures that the various units and employees are working in harmony towards common goals. It is particularly important in a sector easily dominated by the urgency of immediate crisis, and thus helps establish an overarching framework within which operational responses can be shaped/implemented.

Meeting outside between several humanitarian organizations

Photo: EU/ECHO

Tools for the job

Guidance on direction setting, involving beneficiaries, conducting an external and internal environment analysis, and developing strategic options, complemented by strategy case studies

Compilation of tools, such as a strategic agenda, timeline, and examples of strategic plans, as well as other resources on adaptive planning and on the difference between a business plan and a strategic plan for a nonprofit

Key references

An overview of the process required to undertake needs-based strategic planning and monitoring, including the process, outputs, and roles and responsibilities

Guidance on the purpose, structure, and process of developing a strategic response plans, including country strategies and cluster response plans

Outcomes of a global consultations process of contingency planners in humanitarian agencies highlighting the challenges and suggestions to strengthen preparedness and contingency planning

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