Regulatory environment






Meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Photo: OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Key actors

Resource center with one of its core goals to build an enabling framework for counter-terrorism related regulation of nonprofits

Civic Freedom Monitor contains reports on 54 countries and 8 multilateral organizations, providing information on key legal issues relating to civic freedoms, with a focus on legal barriers to civil society activity

Key references

Paper identifying regulatory issues in operations, and the benefits of legal and procedural preparedness for international assistance

Article on domestic law relevant to humanitarian action

Study on global, regional, and national sets of counter-terrorism laws and sanctions regimes

Study on the impact of counter-terrorism laws and measures on humanitarian action

Study on existing guidelines, working procedures, and practices established in humanitarian action that can help humanitarian organizations to comply with personal data protection standards

PHAP certifications

Knowledge about the relevance of domestic law for international response is covered by the International Legal Frameworks for Humanitarian Action (ILFHA) certification (competency statement 1.6).

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