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Photo: EU/ECHO/Rafiq Copeland

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Dedicated to improving the use of digital communications tools for NGOs, non-profit organizations and to support humanitarian relief

Network bringing together diverse local, regional, and global actors to increase communities’ ability to connect, access information, and have a voice in humanitarian emergencies

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Article drawing on the findings of a real-time evaluation of coordination of communication with communities in the Rohingya response, the challenges, and lessons learnt

Report on the work of an initiative aiming at improving the communication between humanitarian and aid agencies and crisis-affected people, specifically looking at better understanding the potential of broadcast media and new technologies for communication purposes

Guidelines for improving the Emergency Risk Communication (ERC) policies and practice

A brief guide for professionals using social media in humanitarian organizations to engage and communicate with affected people

Guide setting out Communicating with Communities (CwC) approaches in order to enhance predictability and consistency when communicating in disaster resilience, response, and recovery