Resource mobilization


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Key actors

Provides online resources for NGOs to increase their awareness, learning, and access to donors, resources, and skills related to fundraising

PHAP certifications

Certification badge for Understanding the Humanitarian Ecosystem (UHE)

Knowledge about donors and funding is covered by the Understanding the Humanitarian Ecosystem (UHE) certification (competency statement 2.6).

Learning resources

Learning stream aiming to increase the understanding of the humanitarian financing landscape, UN humanitarian funding and NGO access, as well as the engagement of NGOs in pooled funding, bilateral funding, and private funding

Short course providing an overview of the most common humanitarian funding flows, donors, recipients, operational implications of funding mechanisms, and emerging donors

Key references

Guide helping local NGOs to raise funds, including tips and checklists on the process of professionalization, the planning of a project, and applying for funds

Publication on the importance of multi-year humanitarian funding and its prerequisites, as well as the necessary programming, risk management, coordination and cooperation

Crosscutting themes

Children and Gender

Handbook including guidance on fundraising for child protection and GBV, joint planning and appeal processes, sources of humanitarian funding, and some brief donor profiles

Information tools

UK-based knowledge platform providing advice and support for nonprofit organizations on their day-to-day operations, human resources, and fundraising

Knowledge platform aiming to support non-profits in advancing their missions by identifying emerging trends and sharing proven practices and solutions, including in the area of fundraising

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