Life on assignment

There are significant practicalities to working as an expat or national staff within the humanitarian arena: health, insurance, child care/education, banking, investment, short-term contracts, taxation, moving/relocation, affairs back home, working as a consultant or maintaining personal relationships. In short, managing the common practicalities of life often require less-than-common approaches when on mission with a humanitarian agency.

Humanitarian workers outside their quarters

Photo: EC/ECHO/Anouk Delafortrie

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Platform providing advice and articles by expats for expats on living, working, and retiring abroad

Platform providing information about planning a move abroad, relocating, moving abroad with children, and other practical advice

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Overview regarding the pre-arrival procedures, employment visas, tax return and compliance, income tax rates, and the basis of taxation for each country in the world

Information about accessing health care abroad, vaccines, and infectious diseases not prevented by vaccines for long-term travelers and expatriates.

Information for humanitarian aid workers on pre-travel considerations such as pre-travel medical care, health items, important documents, and registration with embassies

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