Camp coordination and camp management (CCCM)

Camp and camp-like settings are considered temporary measures of last resort, yet often endure for years if not decades. They require administration, management and coordination to ensure the delivery of assistance and services and to provide for the safety and protection of those in the camp. As such, camp management inherently involves attention to the full range of sectors.

View over a refugee camp

Photo: Alan Whelan/TroĢcaire

Key actors

Supports field operations with tools, guidance, and capacity building to coordinate and manage displaced populations effectively, and works with the affected population to ensure representation, on-site governance and access to information about services provided.

Co-chairs the CCCM Cluster, and takes the lead in situations of displacement induced by natural disasters

Co-chairs the CCCM Cluster, and takes the lead in conflict-induced situations of displacement.

Key references

Covers several aspects of CCCM and portrays different field practices applied in different regions of the world

Tools for the job

Compilation of tools and resources for practitioners working with displaced communities

Collection of tools, templates, and reference documents for CCCM Cluster Coordinators

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