Climate change

Climate change involves the long-term and far reaching effects of shifts in the planet's weather, specifically those caused by the effects of global warming due to human activity. In addition to warming and changed weather patterns, climate change will increasingly spark extremes in weather -- a greater frequency and intensity of storms, heat and cold. These changes will have profound effects upon human environments, ecosystems, economies and, in the end, life. These changes increasingly generate drought, flooding and natural disasters that lead to crisis situations -- epidemics, malnutrition, forced displacement and the destruction of the basic necessities to life. Critically, the effects of climate change exacerbate the scarcity of key resources, and hence contribute to armed conflict and impoverishment. The challenge to humanitarian action is to respond to its consequences while at the same time contributing to addressing its causes.

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Key references

Policy brief on the humanitarian implications of climate change related to vital resources, food and water, health, and forced displacement and migration

Mapping of emerging trends and risk hot-spots related to the humanitarian implications of climate change

Overview of current reform of the humanitarian sector, focusing increasingly on preventing or limiting the impact of disaster and climate change, rather than on providing relief

Key actors

The UN entity tasked with supporting the global response to the threat of climate change, providing technical expertise and support to intergovernmental negotiations and mechanisms

Follow-up to the Nansen Initiative to implement the Protection Agenda for the victims of disaster and climate change-induced cross-border displacement

Resource centre of the IFRC, providing expertise and knowledge for reducing the impacts of climate change and extreme-weather events on vulnerable people

Integrates climate change and resilience across CARE's development and humanitarian work

Learning resources

Five e-learning modules about integrating climate change adaptation into Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programs and plans

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