Community update: Talent management (July 2019): Consortiums, "offerism," visa inequality, learning from our mistakes

Emmanuelle Lacroix
Emmanuelle (Em) Lacroix
Em is the EMEA Partnership Development Manager for the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation and is based between London and Paris.
Em has been a Talent Management and Learning practitioner in the humanitarian and development sectors since 2005, Em is currently leveraging her partnership brokering skills working as Partnership Development Manager for the CSOD Foundation and Previously, she worked as People Capacity & Development Manager with the CHS Alliance and Humanitarian HR Manager for Save the Children and British Red Cross. Her professional journey brings together a diverse international operational experience and a commitment to quality and accountability, with a focus on enabling performance improvement and capacity strengthening for organizations and individuals operating in complex environments globally.
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Community updates provide brief highlights from expert practitioners about what they see as the key developments in a specific area, what resources they would recommend, and what to look out for in the coming months.

Key developments

Working in consortia

Many of us have the opportunity to work within a consortium of some sort as this has become the modus operandi – but it comes with its challenges as well as opportunities. In a recent piece, Christel Bultman shares recommendations for anyone involved in a consortium. If you need further inspiration for how to facilitate group discussions in consortiums, you’ll find tips in this blog post from Alex Swarbrick.

Visa inequality

International travel remains necessary to access many opportunities for career development. Food for thought in this blog from the London School of Economics: researcher-artist Bathsheba Okwenje contrasts the visa requirements for a Ugandan national visiting the UK with a UK national visiting Uganda. While highlighting how some passports carry certain privileges, more hidden is the emotional tax non-privileged passport-holders pay when wanting to explore the world, by needing to prove they are worthy of travel in a country that is not their own. This post is part of a mini-series exploring the global inequalities of the visa system and its effects.


While not my usual source for reading suggestions, here is a little article published by Metro in the UK on a work trend coined “offerism” – or that tendency to over-commit and over-deliver to be liked or validated. A trait to watch for in ourselves and our team and colleagues when caring for well-being and risky behaviors at work. 

Learning from mistakes

"I never lose. I either win or learn, sometimes both.” While the idea that we should be learning from our mistakes is no new concept, I find this article from the manager perspective and these infographics for helping individuals stop obsessing about mistakes quite engaging to help managers and staff applying the saying to see mistakes as learning opportunities.

Recommended resources

Taking your career in a new direction:

Relevant to anyone in our sector (HR practitioners and beyond, men and women, etc.), this article offers useful tips, thoughts and links (at the bottom) to help those of us seeking to give a new direction to their career, possibly outside of our sector or “just” in a new field or kind of role – or those of you supporting colleagues and staff in managing their career.

Podcasts for HR:

If like me you enjoy listening to podcasts, check out One Step Forward. Of particular interest for our community is a recent conversation with Gemma Houldey sharing reflections based on her experience and research, and speaking about stress in the sector and the problem of heroic, macho organizational culture, and the “perfect humanitarian” (see also her recent PHAP community update on wellbeing). There is also an episode with Christine Williamson on “Better and safer work environment in the aid sector” talking about ethics and professional excellence in managing HR.

Keep an eye out for...

The Humanitarian HR conference will be held this year in Antwerp, Belgium, 2-4 October. The theme this year is on building trust in people. Read more on the CHS Alliance website.
The 14th edition of eLearning Africa is taking place in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, this year, 23-25 October. The full program is available on the conference website.
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