Selected member testimonials

PHAP is a resource, a point of reference with regard to important aspects to consider in assessing current humanitarian issues and discourses and while operating in the field of humanitarian assistance. PHAP helps us to conceptualize issues and challenges that we often encounter in our everyday work, and gives us the opportunity to compare our views with those of other practitioners in the field of humanitarian work. PHAP is thus a platform that provides us with the opportunity to contribute increasing our own knowledge and expertise, to state problems that we face and discuss them with other professionals. As the issues that are subject to humanitarian work are in constant evolution, a constant exchange and debate about them is very important. In one sentence: PHAP is a community of practice and learning.
- Elisabetta Brumat, Senior Protection Officer, Protection Cluster Coordinator, UNHCR, Pakistan. PHAP member since January 2011.

For me PHAP is a great opportunity to meet likeminded people with a diverse range of field experience and theoretical backgrounds. PHAP to me is about expanding knowledge.
- Candace Rondeaux, Analyst, International Crisis Group, Afghanistan. PHAP member since December 2011.

PHAP gives practitioners, policy makers, legal professionals and academics the opportunity to meet up with each other throughout the year. It provides a forum for them to join and discuss, to then go back to their work, re-appraise the situation they face, and then to come back and reflect again on what they encounter. PHAP is thus a platform where experiences from different parts of the world become exchanged. It also facilitates an acquisition of information and knowledge, and provides members directly with the most critical information.
- Helene Kadi, Chief, Emergency Coordination and Field Operations, UNICEF, Yemen. PHAP member since February 2011.

PHAP opens up contact with people of different organizations and professions.
- Katrin Kisswani, Emergency Unit Member, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). PHAP member since February 2012.

I find the work of PHAP relevant to an important part of my professional activities. As we see it in a number of countries, it is important to know the legal background of our work. I am very interested in the links between IHL and human-rights law and how they relate to the work of UNICEF in regard to national legislations.
- Laurent Chapuis, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Office, Jordan. PHAP member since January 2012.

PHAP has the potential to play an important role in helping identify the challenging factors that make humanitarian work difficult and that put humanitarian workers at risk and then consult with the humanitarian community to find strategies to address such factors.
- Dragan Markovic, Emergency Specialist, UNICEF Georgia. PHAP member since November 2011.

PHAP can play an important coordinating role, providing a mechanism for sharing opinions and best practices among humanitarian professionals.
- Pedro Medrano, Director NY Office, World Food Programme. PHAP member since December 2011.

I think PHAP can play an important role in reaching out, building connections between professionals in different sectors and organizations so that they can discuss and share all the expertise that is present in the association. PHAP provides a great opportunity to share the things that we have learned, to take steps towards new solutions.
- Frederick Ogwal-Oyee, Head of Field Office, UNICEF Kenya. PHAP member since March 2013.

The diversity of the network that PHAP has developed – the diversity of the members who all gravitate towards the same idea – is something quite unique. Interacting and networking with other humanitarian professionals who are engaged in work across a variety of different fields is an important priority for me. With members from the sector as a whole, we have a great opportunity – in terms of understanding other peoples operations and in terms of becoming better in our own operations.
- Mario Stephan, Coordinator of Operations, MENA region, MSF. PHAP member since July 2011.

I find the events directly relevant and beneficial for addressing critical issues I face in the field. I also appreciate how the events are organized to ensure that participants can interact. Participants are not just lectured to, which is not what we need as practitioners. It is also a great opportunity to exchange experiences and learn as much as possible from other participants. I am delighted that PHAP exists. There has obviously been a growing professionalization of the humanitarian sector and I personally feel that an association like this helps me in building my identity as a professional in the humanitarian sector and to have that recognized.
- Isabella Castrogiovanni, Protection Specialist. PHAP member since January 2012.