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Why join?

  • Be part of the professional development of the humanitarian sector
  • Take part in online and high-level onsite training opportunities
  • Cultivate global and local professional networks through exclusive online tools and onsite events
  • Access services to support your professional, social, and personal development

PHAP is the only member-governed, non-profit association of professionals engaged in humanitarian assistance and protection with a global member network encompassing the full spectrum of institutional affiliations and professional backgrounds in the humanitarian sector.

As a member of this professional association, you will be part of a growing group of individuals that are working towards the professional development of its members as well as the humanitarian community as a whole. At the same time, you gain access to a range of member services geared towards supporting the individual professional. Moreover, membership makes you part of important global and local professional networks – PHAP members are present all over the world with concentrations in all centers of humanitarian action.


Examples of membership benefits

The benefits for members are under intense development. These are some of the benefits currently offered to PHAP members:

Networking and communication tools

  • Verified digital PHAP member badge issued through Acclaim
  • Access to the PHAP member community:
  • Access to onsite networking events and seminars, hosted in different locations worldwide (depending on the type of event, additional fees may apply)
  • Listing in the online PHAP members directory and ability to use the directory to contact other PHAP members with specific professional interests or who are based in a specific location
  • Possibility to be profiled in our Featured Member series
  • Possibility to engage in PHAP’s local member groups
  • Personalized assistance connecting with other PHAP members in your area or in preparation for relocation to a new duty station
  • Subscription to, and the possibility to make announcements in, the PHAP member newsletter

Education catalogue

  • Free access to the online training course on ‘Essentials of Humanitarian Law’ and a certificate upon completion
  • Free or discounted access to future online courses and seminars
  • Discounted access to PHAP’s onsite professional development courses on humanitarian law and policy (pending availability, additional fees apply).
  • Discounted access to PHAP’s onsite professional development courses on leadership and management of humanitarian action (pending availability, additional fees apply)
  • Discounted access to PHAP’s onsite thematic workshops on topics such as 'Islamic Law and the Protection of Civilians', ‘Occupation: Rights Obligations and Contemporary Challenges’, ‘Engagement with Non-State Armed Actors’, and ’Monitoring and Enforcement of International Humanitarian Law’ (pending availability, additional fees apply).

Continuous learning

  • Be part of the PHAP Continuous Learning Credits (CLC) system to measure and track your engagement with PHAP’s ongoing learning activities.
  • Keep your understanding of current issues current with access to live and archived Online Learning Sessions on Humanitarian Law and Policy and Trends and Challenges in Humanitarian Action and their accompanying assessments.
  • Reinforce your learning from sessions through written reflections and discuss and learn from the essays of your peers in the membership.

Professional support services

Engagement and volunteering opportunities

  • Share your experiences with other members as a speaker at training courses and other PHAP events
  • Help the delivery of training as a course facilitator
  • Get editing support from the PHAP Secretariat for PHAP member articles
  • Lead the discussion in your field of professional expertise by becoming a member forum moderator
  • Participate in the association’s annual general assembly
  • Become eligible to be part of the governance structure of PHAP – the governing members and the board of directors


Application procedure

    1. Start the process by filling out the membership application form
    2. Your application is peer reviewed by existing members to ensure that you fulfill the membership criterion of two years of relevant professional experience
    3. If accepted, you are sent your invoice for the annual membership dues, currently set to 80 EUR.
    4. After settling your membership dues, you will have full access to PHAP’s member services and will be provided your membership certificate.

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Terms and conditions

Membership fee

The baseline PHAP annual membership fee amounts to 80 Euros per year, as per the decision of the Board of Directors. This fee helps cover the core operating costs of the PHAP Secretariat and is due upon registration for newly admitted members as a means to activate their access to online courses and other PHAP benefits. The membership year starts from the date of the notification by the PHAP Secretariat of acceptance of membership. Newly admitted members are required to pay their annual dues according to the instructions on their invoice, in order to maintain their access to online courses and other PHAP benefits. Returning members must pay their annual dues within 90 days after the end of their membership year to maintain their good standing. Each member will receive an invoice from the PHAP Secretariat with payment instructions. Failure to pay annual dues in time leads to the suspension of the member benefits and may lead to the exclusion of the member under the PHAP bylaws.


PHAP activities are intended to benefit exclusively individual members in good standing. The direct or indirect sharing of access to PHAP activities and/or material with non-members, in particular online courses, is strictly prohibited. PHAP Secretariat reserves the right to monitor the use of its online activities and to suspend individual member access of it suspects an abuse of PHAP benefits.

Criteria for membership and the application procedure

PHAP is a voluntary association composed of individual professionals engaged in the field of humanitarian assistance and protection. Individuals interested in joining PHAP must fulfill the requirements for admission set in the PHAP Bylaws. Membership to PHAP requires the demonstration of a minimum of two years of relevant professional experience. "Relevant professional experience" in this context is considered to mean professional engagement that has contributed directly or indirectly to the deployment of humanitarian assistance and protection activities. The professional character of this experience is linked to the standardized nature of this activity, specific to humanitarian operations, such as planning of operations, implementation of programs, evaluation of programs, management of humanitarian operations and/or organizations, engagement in legal and policy developments, as well as advocacy work pertaining to humanitarian assistance and protection.

These years of engagement should be in a professional capacity with recognized humanitarian agencies, NGOs, governments, or academic and policy centers. Volunteer work may be accounted for, to the extent this experience was part of a recognized professional organization. A key criterion to recognize the years of experience is the extent to which the individual was accountable to an institutional hierarchy in the implementation of professional standards. In this context, consultant activities may not count towards years of experience.

The candidate is responsible for the demonstration of the necessary years of relevant professional experience. PHAP will not seek information on candidates but may corroborate this information with references provided by the candidates. In practice, candidates will have to provide with their application a short resume detailing their professional engagements over the recent years and listing their employers. PHAP may request additional information such as:

  • Documentary evidence of current or past professional employments amounting to two years of professional activity such as a letter from their employer confirming current employment
  • Alternatively, two professional references with phone number and email address that can be contacted by PHAP reviewers

Under the PHAP Bylaws, the selection of regular members is coordinated by the PHAP Secretariat and decided by the Board of Directors. These decisions are final and need not be supported with justification. A candidate may re-apply once he/she has gathered the required level of related professional experience.

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