Humanitarian Needs Assessment (HNA)

***** ANNOUNCEMENT *****
We are calling on practitioners in all parts of the humanitarian sector to help with the beta testing of the new certification assessments, February-March 2018.
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The certification in Humanitarian Needs Assessment (HNA) covers the fundamental knowledge and skills required of all practitioners responsible for the planning and implementation of needs assessments activities for humanitarian response. This certification is designed to be independent of specific frameworks a practitioner may be using (such as MIRA or HNO), focusing on the underlying core competencies, while ensuring a familiarity with all types of frameworks commonly used.

The HNA Certification is currently under development and will be launched in April 2018.





The PHAP Credentialing Program is made possible through the Practitioner Competencies Learning Center, a joint initiative of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, CHS Alliance, and PHAP working to develop solutions that strengthen competency-based approaches in the humanitarian sector at the individual and organizational level.