PHAP Credentialing Program Governance

Certification Commission

The following description of the role of the PHAP Credentialing Program Interim Certification Commission is adapted from the Interim Certification Commission Terms of Reference finalized in February 2017.


The purpose of the Certification Commission, as the main governance body of the PHAP Certification Program, is to establish and monitor the certification schemes and scheme-related policies of PHAP and make determinations regarding all essential certification-related decisions, in accordance with the ISO 17024 standard.


For this initial launch phase of the Certification Program, the PHAP Board of Directors is appointing an Interim Certification Commission for a special short term of up to one year. In all other respects, the Interim Certification Commission serves normally as Certification Commission in the manner laid out in the PHAP Certification Policies Manual.

The PHAP Board intends to transition to long-term appointments for the Certification Commission within six months to one year after appointing the Interim Commission.


The criteria for the type and number of members on the Interim Certification Commission are the same as those in the PHAP Certification Policies Manual regarding the regular Certification Commission. In brief:

  • The Certification Commission shall include no fewer than six members.
  • To assure that the Certification Commission represents a balanced spectrum of PHAP certification stakeholders, members shall include:
    • At least one person with significant (5+ years) professional experience in each of the following types of organizations: relevant UN agency, component of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and humanitarian NGO.
    • Citizens of countries in at least three different world regions.
  • To avoid over-representation of a specific interest, no more than 50% of Certification Commission members should currently or most recently be employed by any single one of the three identified types of organizations (UN, Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, NGO).
  • A PHAP Board of Directors member shall serve in an ex-officio role.
  • The PHAP Executive Director shall serve in an ex-officio role.
  • Certification Commission members shall sign the Certification Commission Member Agreement covering intellectual property ownership, confidentiality and security of information, and assurance of impartiality prior to accepting their positions.
  • Current members of the PHAP Board of Directors are not permitted to serve on the Certification Commission (with the exception of the ex officio liaison).


The Interim Certification Commission independently makes essential certification decisions related to certification schemes. These decisions shall be made under no influence by any other individual or business entity within or outside of PHAP.

Certification Appeals Panel

PHAP is currently seeking volunteers to serve on the Credentialing Program Appeals Panel. Members of the Appeals Panel must hold at least one certification issued by the PHAP Credentialing Program and are asked to serve for a period of up to five years. When an appeals claim is submitted, a three-person team is drawn from the Appeals Panel to review the case and made a decision. The commitment is therefore flexible and adaptable to the availability of individual Appeals Panel members at any given time.

If you would be interested in serving on the Appeals Panel, please contact the program at