How to prepare

A variety of options are available to you to prepare for the certification assessment(s) you are interested in:

Outline and Self-Assessments

Each certification assessment is developed on the basis of an outline of required knowledge and ability. Therefore, the best place to start is with a careful review of this outline to ensure that you understand what the certification assessment is designed to measure. As you read through the outline, you can also reflect on your own current level in each area. To facilitate this reflection, we have created downloadable Self-Assessment forms for each certification area.

Download now and take the first step of review and reflection:

Study Guides

Developed on the basis of the certification outlines, but independently of the assessments, the Study Guides are organized by statement and provide overviews of key concepts, links to relevant learning resources and primary sources (where relevant), as well as study questions and other tools to help you absorb the content. They also include general pointers for overall study technique and developing a study plan tailored to your specific needs.

Delve into the content and further develop your knowledge:

Diagnostic Tests

For each of its certifications, PHAP has also developed a free online Diagnostic Test which mirrors the official certification assessment in terms of format, length, content, and difficulty level, but with a different set of questions. Upon completing a Diagnostic Test, candidates automatically receive by email a customized PDF report detailing their results and providing further guidance and recommendations.

Download a sample Diagnostic Report

Test your knowledge and receive a free customized report:

Various courses and training opportunities

A number of training and education providers offer courses that cover some or all of the content of the certification assessments. Some of these are freely available and others are fee-based. As a courtesy to candidates, PHAP plans to offer a list of these courses, including mappings (prepared by the training and education providers themselves) of the content covered in relation to the certification assessment blueprints. Note that inclusion in this listing will not imply endorsement by PHAP either in terms of the quality of the offering or the relevance to the certification assessment outline. Candidates referring to the listing of courses will be responsible for contacting the training and education providers directly about materials, course schedules, fees, or matters related to satisfaction with their products or services.

The listing is in development and will be available soon! portals is a free online learning portal built to increase the effectiveness of humanitarian and development workers around the world. DisasterReady offers personalized learning plans based on the PHAP Diagnostic Tests and resources to help prepare for the certification. The first portal to be launched is for the certification in Understanding the Humanitarian Ecosystem (UHE). If you already have a DisasterReady account, you can access it directly by logging in and navigating to the UHE portal – if not, you can create an account for free.


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