PHAP Digital Badges

PHAP has partnered with HPass to provide you with digital badges to showcase your membership and certifications earned from PHAP. With PHAP’s digital badges, you can share your PHAP membership and certifications with ease! The badging platform allows you to share your affiliation and achievement with colleagues, peers, employers, educational institutions, and others. 

PHAP issues membership badges for all PHAP members in good standing and badges for certifications earned through the PHAP Credentialing Program

What is a Digital Badge?

PHAP digital badges are your proof of membership or certification. With digital badges, you can easily showcase your achievements and capabilities on social media, emails, personal websites, and resumes. Digital badges protect the integrity of your credential by providing a link to verified data from PHAP that cannot be falsified. PHAP’s digital badges allow you to provide your peers and employers, as well as the crisis-affected people you serve, with easy, valid verification of your credentials, while positioning you at the forefront of this new technology for communicating professional commitment and skills. 

What badges does PHAP issue?

PHAP membership badge

PHAP membership
Issued for all members of the association in good standing.

UHE Certification badgeILFHA Certification badgeAHPP Certification badge

PHAP Credentialing Program
Issued for all certificants who have achieved a passing score in the invigilated/proctored certification assessments, committed to abide by the PHAP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct in Humanitarian Action, and agreed to participate in the continuous education program or otherwise undertake a re-assessment after three years in order to maintain the certification. The following three certifications are currently available:

  • Understanding the Humanitarian Ecosystem
  • International Legal Frameworks for Humanitarian Action
  • Applying Humanitarian Principles in Practice

Read more about the PHAP Credentialing Program. 

Why is badging better than self-assigning professional credential information on LinkedIn or adding it to an email signature? How does badging deter fraudulent claims of PHAP membership or certification?

Representing your professional credential online as a digital badge is more secure and reliable than manually adding static credential information to LinkedIn or other online destinations because of the verification aspect. A badge can be easily verified, in real-time, through the badging platform, which not only reveals the details of your achievement but also deters fraudulent claims of credential earning.

Employers and clients can easily verify your credential. Once you share the badge over email or your preferred supported social media platform (such as LinkedIn), a viewer can verify its authenticity by clicking on the link that appears along with the badge. The viewer will be taken to the HPass platform where he/she can see the full details of your badge. 

Who is HPass?

HPass is a new initiative focusing on professional development in the humanitarian sector. It is a digital platform where key players can meet: humanitarian workers and volunteers, learning and assessment providers, and employers. With HPass, any humanitarian, whether they be a volunteer or an experienced field worker, will have the opportunity to have their current experience recognised throughout the sector. HPass is also an opportunity for learning and assessment providers to join a global platform, sign up to the sector-recognised standards and provide digital credentials using Open Badges for both learners completing their courses and people whose competencies are being assessed. HPass will also be accessible by humanitarian employers, who will be able to search for individuals by their skills and experience. This will increase the speed and efficiency of recruitment during an emergency or to meet ongoing operational needs.

What is meant by Open Badges?

Open Badges refer specifically to digital badges that adhere to an open standard for recognizing and validating learning. Open Badges are secure, web-enabled credentials that contain granular, verified information employers can use to evaluate an individual’s achievements. PHAP Digital Badges are Open Badges compliant and can be imported into other compliant platforms, ensuring compatibility with future initiatives in the humanitarian sector.

Is there a fee for the digital badge?

No. Using HPass to store, manage, and broadcast your credentials is free for badge earners. HPass works with issuing organizations such as PHAP to offset any costs and to ensure you have access to best-in-class platforms.

Can I earn other credentials to display as a digital badge?

An increasing numbers of agencies, training organizations, and credentialing bodies are adopting the Open Badges standard. You can display badges in HPass from any organization that issues digital badges.

What if I don’t want my credential to be public?

If you don’t want your membership or certification to be visible to the public, you can make the badge private. If you don’t want your profile to be visible to the public, you can make it private. If you don’t even want your certification or membership in the form of a digital badge, you can discard it. All information regarding you and your credentials can be configured within your HPass account.

HPass and PHAP take the handling of personally identifiable information (PII) very seriously. And it's always up to you to decide where and when to share your badges so you maintain control over your online professional profile.

What’s to keep someone from copying my badge and using it?

While digital badges are simply digital image files, they are uniquely linked to data hosted on the HPass platform. This link to verified data makes them more reliable and secure than a traditional paper-based credential or certificate.

Who should I contact if there are issues with my digital badge?

If your question relates to the status of your PHAP membership, certification, or re-certification, please contact [email protected].

When will I get my badge?

PHAP will send you an e-mail notification. For more information, please contact [email protected].

What if I am no longer certified or have not recertified on a timely basis?

If your membership or certification(s) with PHAP expires, your digital badge will change to a “pending recertification” status. Once the grace period has passed, you will no longer be able to display a digital badge.