Exchange Hub: Measuring success in protection programming

The humanitarian community has come under increased pressure to achieve more meaningful results and demonstrate impact through protection programming. Protection programs need to be accountable for the funds they receive and the activities they implement. However, measuring results in protection programming is not straightforward – while traditional results-based management techniques are useful, we must be more creative in the development of further tools and methods that meet the particular challenges faced in protection.

This Exchange Hub is organized in collaboration with InterAction’s Results-Based Protection Program and ALNAP’s program on Evaluating protection in humanitarian action.

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Introductory briefing:
25 February 2015 [more info]
Online discussion event: 2 April 2015 [more info]
Deadline for member contributions: 9 April 2015

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Introductory online briefing

In order to help frame the discussion and to give members an update on the work of these programs, we will host a short online event on Wednesday, 25 February, at 2 p.m. CET, with short briefings from Francesca Bonino, head of ALNAP's program on Evaluating protection in humanitarian action, and Jessica Lenz, Senior Program Manager with InterAction who leads the Results-Based Protection program.

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Public online discussion event

On 2 April 2015, PHAP will host an online event for the Exchange Hub with key experts on how to measure success in protection programming.

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