2016 AidEx: What does "localization" of humanitarian aid mean in practice?

On 16-17 November 2016, the PHAP secretariat exhibited at the AidEx in Brussels, a humanitarian and development aid expo and conference that helps every year to bring different parts of the humanitarian sector together, from local and international NGOs and UN agencies to governmental organizations and private companies.

The event was an excellent opportunity for new and old members to connect with each other and with the PHAP secretariat, and for spreading awareness among visitors of PHAP’s mission and recent activities, including PHAP’s new credentialing program.

The AidEx Steering Committee decided to organize the 2016 event around the topic of “Localization”. This two-day event encompassed a conference, exhibition, meeting areas, awards, and workshops around this topic. PHAP took this opportunity to ask members and other professionals working in the humanitarian sector at both international and local levels what does the term “Localization” mean to them in practice.

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Interview with Ben Parker

Access the trascript of the interview with Ben Parker here.

Interview with Naomi T. Solanke

Access the trascript of the interview with Naomi T. Solanke here.

Interview with Julian Srodecki

Access the trascript of the interview with Julian Srodecki here.

Interview with Petra Righetti

Access the trascript of the interview with Petra Righetti here.

Interview with Paula Gil Baizan

Access the trascript of the interview with Paula Gil Baizan here.