Thematic Workshops

The third step of PHAP's professional development pathway in humanitarian law and policy is composed of a series of thematic workshops covering a large spectrum of challenges and sub-domains within the scope of the pathway. These workshops last two days and invite interested members to engage in timely discussions around current challenges to humanitarian assistance and protection.

Thematic workshops are developed in close cooperation with the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research (HPCR) at Harvard University as well as other PHAP partners. Leading experts and professionals regularly take part to the delivery of the workshops. Participants are expected to engage actively in the thematic workshops as a means to ascertain the various challenges of protecting civilians in current armed conflicts.

For further details on dates, topics, and locations, see the PHAP Training Calendar.


How to apply

The Thematic Workshops are offered to those who have successfully completed a Core Professional Training on Humanitarian Law and Policy (whether under the auspices of PHAP, HPCR International, or HPCR). A Thematic Workshop may be taken immediately following a Core Training, in the same week. In this case, when applying for the Core Training, individuals may indicate on the application form their intention to also stay for the Thematic Workshop. Alumni of previous Core Trainings are also encouraged to come back to join new Thematic Workshops.

For those who have not yet applied to become members of the professional association, the application for the Core Professional Training can also be used to submit the necessary application for PHAP membership, in one streamlined process. Please note that membership in the association is not a requirement for participating in the courses.

To submit an application for a training event, click on the listing in the PHAP Training Calendar and follow the instructions on the event information page.

For more information of course fees and payment policies, see Fees and Payment Information.