Online Learning Series on Humanitarian Law and Policy

The nature of contemporary armed conflicts is increasingly complex, and a solid familiarity with the framework of international humanitarian law (IHL) and other related legal frameworks is critical for those engaging in humanitarian work in these contexts. Understanding the key rules, principles, and norms of IHL and other legal frameworks – as well as the challenges related to their implementation, application, and enforcement – is critical to approaching humanitarian action responsibly and strategically.

Since mid 2015, as part of its efforts to strengthen understanding of the policy and legal frameworks that relate to humanitarian action, PHAP has organized targeted online learning sessions for the members of the association in the Online Learning Series on Humanitarian Law and Policy (OLS HLP). These live interactive sessions addressing topical and timely issues provide an opportunity for continuous learning for those working in the humanitarian sector, as well as those interacting with humanitarian actors, to improve their knowledge of legal and policy issues.

You can read more on each event and access the video and audio recordings of past sessions by following the corresponding links below.

OLS HLP 1: Introduction to IHL and its relevance for humanitarian actors

OLS HLP 2: IHL and Core Humanitarian Principles: humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence

OLS HLP 3: The Fundamental Principles of IHL Regulating Hostilities: military necessity, distinction, and proportionality

OLS HLP 4: Qualification of Armed Conflict and Determining the Applicable Law

OLS HLP 5: Qualification of Situations: case studies from recent practice

OLS HLP 6: Advanced learning session on humanitarian principles

OLS HLP 7: Humanity: Practical dilemmas of principled action

OLS HLP 8: International humanitarian law and human rights law in armed conflict

OLS HLP 9: Impartiality: Practical dilemmas of principled action

OLS HLP 10: International criminal law and its role in addressing violations of IHL

OLS HLP 11: Neutrality: Practical dilemmas of principled action

OLS HLP 12: Independence: Practical dilemmas of principled action

OLS HLP 13: Unpacking the concept of direct participation in hostilities

OLS HLP 14: Legal foundations for humanitarian access in situations of armed conflict

OLS HLP 15: Strike at Kunduz: An IHL analysis of the US strike that killed and wounded civilians and destroyed a hospital

OLS HLP 16: The relationship between the International Criminal Court and humanitarian actors

OLS HLP 17: International Humanitarian Law and UN Peacekeeping Operations

OLS HLP 18: The protection of cultural heritage in armed conflicts

OLS HLP 19: The legal protection of refugees

OLS HLP 20: The legal dilemma of detention in non-international armed conflicts

OLS HLP 21: Legal protection of internally displaced persons (IDPs)

OLS HLP 22: The language and logic of IHL: Common misconceptions, use, and misuse

OLS HLP 23: Is the attack on UN peacekeepers in DRC a war crime? The status of UN peacekeepers under IHL