PHAP Continuous Learning Credits

The PHAP Continuous Learning Credits system is being replaced with the upcoming Continuing Education system for the PHAP Credentialing Program. The Continuing Education system will be launched later in 2017.


As part of its efforts to strengthen understanding of the policy and legal frameworks that relate to humanitarian action, as well as current trends and challenges faced by the humanitarian sector, PHAP is piloting a system for online continuous learning.

Built on the model of frameworks used by professional associations in other sectors, the PHAP Continuous Learning Credits (CLC) system will allow PHAP members to be able to better measure and track their engagement with PHAP’s ongoing learning activities.

The framework is built up around short live online sessions with specific learning objectives. Each session is followed by an optional two-part assessment, for which participants are awarded Continuous Learning Credits. PHAP members also have the option to access recordings of past sessions.


Online learning sessions

Organizing the learning sessions as live online events helps make them more dynamic and directly relevant for participants. PHAP’s live online events have three main benefits compared with other modes of content delivery:

  • Interactivity – Participants are able to interact with the speakers, as well as other participants, who can help to bring in other perspectives to the discussion.
  • Customizability – Based on the profiles of the participants and the questions received ahead of the event, the live sessions can be adapted to best suit the specific learning needs of those present.
  • Accessibility – By hosting the sessions as live events, PHAP is able to offer alternative access methods for those with lower Internet connectivity, including phone call-in and backup live streaming.


The live online sessions are option to the public, with no limit on participation. PHAP members also have the option to access recordings of past events and take the assessments following each session.


The live online sessions are currently carried out only in English. The PHAP secretariat is looking into the best solutions for making the sessions available in other languages.


Reinforcing understanding through assessment

Each learning session is followed by a two-part assessment. The first part is a comprehension check composed of multiple-choice questions. The second part consists of a brief written reflection on the topic. Members gain one Continuous Learning Credit for successfully completing each part of the assessment.

You will need the assessment code (a four-digit number) in order to take the assessment. This code is provided during the learning session. If you do not have the code, please refer to the learning session recording.

To start the assessment, make sure that you are first logged in to your PHAP member account. Then click on the link for the relevant part on the event page.

Part 1: Comprehension check

The comprehension check aims to ensure that participants have understood the main points of the learning session. The comprehension check is also a learning opportunity in itself, giving the participant an opportunity to revisit some of the main takeaways of the session. Each comprehension check consists of 5-15 multiple-choice questions. 

To pass the check, you need to answer all questions correctly. However, you are allowed to re-take each question in case you answer incorrectly.

Part 2: Written reflection

The written reflection provides an opportunity for participants to reinforce what they have learned through the online learning session and review how it relates to their personal and professional experience – an important step for synthesizing theoretical knowledge with applied experience.

Each written reflection will be reviewed by PHAP staff to ensure that it fulfills the submission criteria. If the submission does not fulfill the criteria, the participant will be invited to submit a new version.

To encourage peer learning among members, selected essay responses will also be published on the website, if approved by the writer.


Monitoring your learning credits

Monitor your learning credits online

  1. Log in to your PHAP member account.
  2. Click on the My Profile menu item.
  3. You will see your credit overview as part of your profile.
  4. In order to see your detailed statement per series, click on “details” on the relevant line. To see your full detailed statement, click on “full statement.

Printing your learning credit record

You can create a PDF record of your learning credits. First follow the steps above to navigate to one of your detailed statements. At the bottom of the statement, click on “Export PDF Record”.

Expiration of credits

The continuous learning credits expire one year after acquisition. However, a record of completion of the session remains and is accessible for members.


Online Learning Sessions