2017 Schedule Announced: Advanced Courses on Humanitarian Law and Policy

We are pleased to announce an upcoming series of events in PHAP’s Humanitarian Law and Policy professional development track, taking place in Amman, Brussels, Geneva, Nairobi, Jerusalem, and London. In each location, we will be organizing a three-day Core Professional Course on Humanitarian Law and Policy followed by a two-day Thematic Workshop.

Each Thematic Workshop focuses in depth on a different issue of concern to humanitarian actors, building on the shared understanding of international humanitarian law (IHL) developed in the Core Course and bringing in additional relevant legal, policy, and practical considerations. Upcoming themes include the conduct of hostilities and protection of civilians; terrorism, counterterrorism, and humanitarian action; monitoring, reporting, fact-finding, and investigating violations of the law; and humanitarian access; among others.

Core Professional Course on Humanitarian Law and Policy

This intensive, fast-paced, three-day course serves as an opportunity for experienced practitioners and policy professionals to explore international humanitarian law (IHL) challenges relevant to their work. In 2017, it will be offered in the following locations:

Completing the Core Course is a requirement for participating in the Thematic Workshops.

Amman, 14-18 May

The “conduct of hostilities” is closely connected to the protection of civilians in armed conflict. Rules that govern what is a lawful military target may also determine when and how civilians must be protected. In this thematic workshop, participants comprehensively explore the international humanitarian law (IHL) rules governing the conduct of hostilities.. Read more and apply>>

Brussels, 3-7 July

Terrorism and counter-terrorism remain a major concern today for many different actors. In a changing and increasingly complex landscape, it can be difficult to keep up with new measures and approaches for how States and other actors respond to terrorism. In this workshop, we consider these recent developments and examine the relevant legal frameworks... Read more and apply>>

Geneva, 25-29 September

Violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law significantly increase the horrors inherent in war. Compliance with the law is therefore critical in order to reduce civilian suffering. Monitoring, reporting, fact-finding, and investigating are often relied upon as means to place pressure on individuals and parties to the conflict to strengthen the protection of civilians and to hold violators accountable for their actions... Read more and apply>>

Nairobi, 9-13 October

Current conflicts in Africa and the Middle East highlight the difficulties in obtaining humanitarian access in situations of armed conflict. This workshop examines these challenges from a legal and policy perspective, with an emphasis on the rights and responsibilities of key actors... Read more and apply>>

Jerusalem, 5-9 November

London, 20-24 November


For more information about the courses and workshops, and to submit your application, please see the above links to the event pages or visit phap.org. You may also contact us directly at pdp@phap.org or +41 225 18 04 58.