Certifications on principles, legal frameworks, and humanitarian ecosystem to be launched in March

Following intensive work over the past six months, involving hundreds of humanitarian practitioners and other experts, the PHAP Credentialing Program will launch its first three certifications in March 2017. The certifications, developed through a rigorous process compliant with the ISO 17024:2012 standard for certification of personnel, will cover competency areas relevant across the humanitarian sector: Understanding the humanitarian ecosystem, Applying humanitarian principles in practice, and International legal frameworks for humanitarian action.

Reflecting the high stakes nature of humanitarian action, the certifications are designed to support and demonstrate practitioners’ long-term commitment to continued professionalism and accountability in their roles in crisis response worldwide. Certificants must pass a proctored/invigilated assessment and commit to a code of ethics and professional conduct. Moreover, to maintain the validity of their certification, they agree to either follow a continuing education program or undertake periodic reassessment.

Complying with ISO 17024 requires, above all, that the certifications be grounded in the actual practice of humanitarian assistance and protection and that the intended subjects of certification should be the main source for establishing the requirements. It also requires that the certifications be voluntary, independent of specific training courses, sustainable, and with a plan to update and adapt as needed over time. Furthermore, it requires that the certification assessments be fair, valid, reliable, and delivered in a secure and consistent manner.

PHAP has engaged leading experts and innovators in the development and delivery of certification programs to ensure that the new PHAP Credentialing Program meets established international standards as well as the special requirements of the humanitarian sector. The certification assessments, each 90 minutes long, will be carried out via live remote proctoring/invigilation that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and available with just five minutes’ notice, 24/7. Successful certificants are provided with a digital certification badge through Pearson Acclaim, which are shareable and instantly verifiable.

A variety of tools will be available to prospective certificants to help them prepare for the certification assessments, including a diagnostic test with individualized reports and guidance, as well as study guides outlining key points and signposting to learning resources from a variety of providers.

A separate announcement will go out in March with further information about the launch of the certifications. To read more, visit the Credentialing Program section on the PHAP website.


About the PHAP Credentialing Program
Responding to long-standing concerns about capacity issues across the humanitarian sector, PHAP is launching a new program in the area of individual standards and recognition of competency. The PHAP Credentialing Program combines the established and rigorous international standard for professional credentials – the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard for personnel certification – with solutions that meet the specific needs of the humanitarian sector, structuring the program around a number of narrower certifications in specific areas of knowledge and skills. The three certifications currently under development, to be launched in March 2017, will provide a robust yet inexpensive means for humanitarian practitioners to demonstrate competencies and for employers to know whether staff members or job candidates possess specific knowledge or skills, while reinforcing high standards of commitment and competence at the individual level. Read more about the Credentialing Program on the PHAP website.