Exploring three work streams of the Grand Bargain - watch the learning session recording

On 3 March, the last session of PHAP’s and ICVA’s learning stream on humanitarian financing took place gathering over 200 participants from around the world. The event focused on the implications of the Grand Bargain for NGOs, and their role in shaping the process.

Participants were first provided with an overview of the Grand Bargain by Melissa Pitotti from ICVA. This was followed by guest expert presentations focusing on three of the ten work streams of the Grand Bargain: increasing support to local and national responders, harmonized and simplified reporting, and the humanitarian-development nexus.

Anne Street from CAFOD and an advocate for the NGO-led Charter4Change – an initiative aiming to strengthen localization in the humanitarian sector – presented the Grand Bargain’s commitment to deliver 25% of humanitarian funding to frontline responders. She stressed the challenges faced with this work stream given the need to agree on a definition of national and local actors, but also highlighted the opportunities for NGOs to engage in this process.

Jeremy Rempel from ICVA is currently working on the Less Paper, More Aid initiative, and has been heavily involved in the work stream on harmonized and simplified reporting requirements. His presentation focused on the current challenges that NGOs face when trying to meet donor conditions, and introduced participants to the “10+3” approach, which consists of reporting on ten common dimensions, and select three additional dimensions from a list of areas.

Sara Sekkenes from UNDP, which is co-leading the work stream on strengthening engagement between humanitarian and development actors, explored the objectives and implications for NGOs of this work stream, and also explained the correlation of this process with the New Way of Working initiative and the humanitarian-development-peace nexus.

If you missed this session, you can now find the audio and video recordings of the event at https://phap.org/3mar2017


Learning stream on humanitarian financing

This event was the last session of six live interactive online learning events in the learning stream on humanitarian financing that ICVA and PHAP have organized with the purpose of demystifying the complex humanitarian financing landscape, and to provide NGOs and humanitarians with a stronger understanding of the different funding streams.

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