Now available! Three new professional certifications for humanitarian practitioners

The International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP) has just launched an exciting new program with the support of CHS Alliance and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. Offering the first-ever independent certifications in specific core humanitarian competencies, the PHAP Credentialing Program offers a credible and useful method for practitioners to demonstrate professionalism, commitment, knowledge, and skill.

The PHAP Credentialing Program currently offers certifications for humanitarian practitioners in three competency areas:

At its core, each certification requires passing a rigorous 60-question assessment delivered in a secure manner with live proctoring via webcam, as well as committing to a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

To get started, take one of the free Diagnostic Tests – you will receive a customized report detailing your results and providing further guidance and recommendations for how to prepare for the certification assessments.

Candidates may prepare themselves for the certification assessments in any way they choose – no specific courses are required. Using free Self-Assessments, Diagnostic Tests, and Study Guides, candidates can identify areas for improvement and design an individualized study plan. To further support candidates' preparations, the Academy and PHAP provide guidance and signposting to other learning resources.

Achieving and maintaining one or more of these certifications, developed according to the highest international standards, is the most robust means available to demonstrate competencies in these areas. Certification holders are issued verifiable and shareable digital certificates/badges, hosted by Pearson Acclaim, as evidence of their achievement. Badges issued by the PHAP Credentialing Program will also be compatible with the upcoming humanitarian learning and development badging platform, currently in development by the Academy.

The certifications have been developed through an inclusive practice-based process, guided by the ISO 17024:2012 standard for certification of personnel, with the idea that the people best placed to determine what competencies are required in different aspects of humanitarian work are the ones who are actually doing the work themselves. Complementary to other humanitarian learning, development, and assessment initiatives, the certifications are both highly robust and highly flexible. They stand on their own as independent verifiable evidence of specific professional competencies – whether gained through structured learning activities or on the job.

These certifications provide a valuable way to demonstrate commitment to one’s work in the humanitarian sector, be part of a community of practitioners holding themselves and each other to high standards of competence, and benefit from a structure for continuing professional education to maintain and further develop relevant knowledge and skills over time.

And, importantly, they are highly accessible, with the price of each certification assessment at only USD 80 (USD 65 for PHAP members). Each assessment purchase also includes a free re-take, in case the candidate does not achieve a passing score on their first try.

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The PHAP Credentialing Program is made possible through the Collaboration Centre for Recognition of Humanitarian Skills, Experience and Learning, a joint initiative of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, CHS Alliance, and PHAP working to develop solutions that strengthen competency-based approaches in the humanitarian sector at the individual and organizational level.