PHAP’s new certifications spark interest among humanitarian community

It is increasingly important for today’s practitioners in humanitarian contexts to objectively demonstrate that they possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to be competent in their work. Responding to employers’ and practitioners’ demands, in April this year, PHAP started development of three additional certifications as part of its existing Credentialing Program. The three new certifications – in Humanitarian Needs Assessment (HNA); Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL); and Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) –  have inspired substantive contributions from more than 200 experienced practitioners in the initial “practice analysis” phase. With several stages of development still to come, the launch of the new certifications is planned for April 2018.

The development process brings together perspectives from all parts of the humanitarian sector ensuring that the certifications reflect practice on the ground. All experts are engaged in their capacity as individual practitioners but bring to the process their experience of working in NGOs, UN agencies, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, governmental agencies, academia, and the private sector. In the current practice analysis stage, a Committee of Experts for each certification area is drafting an outline of required competencies. The next stage will be a large-scale survey to validate the outlines and highlight any needed adjustments before moving into assessment development. The assessment development phase will involve hundreds of additional practitioners and will continue until the launch of the new certifications in April 2018.

As is the case for the three certifications launched earlier this year (in Understanding the Humanitarian Ecosystem, International Legal Frameworks for Humanitarian Action, and Applying Humanitarian Principles in Practice), the new certifications are developed with the support of CHS Alliance and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. In addition, the certification in MEAL is developed in collaboration with LINGOs, a not-for-profit organization offering capacity-building support for NGOs and which was a leading actor in the development of the PMD Pro certification in project management in international development. For the certification in Cash Transfer Programming, PHAP is partnering with the Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP), a worldwide network of humanitarian actors engaged in policy, practice, and research regarding cash transfer programming. These two organizations – LINGOs and CaLP – are focusing on the development of learning resources to help practitioners prepare for the corresponding certification assessments.

To learn more about the certifications – including the three that are already available as well as the additional three in development – visit the PHAP Credentialing Program web pages.


The PHAP Credentialing Program is made possible through the Collaboration Centre for Recognition of Humanitarian Skills, Experience, and Learning, a joint initiative of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, CHS Alliance, and PHAP working to develop solutions that strengthen competency-based approaches in the humanitarian sector at the individual and organizational level.